heron garden sculpture


It is always best to check your sculpture and use your judgement to see if it needs a fresh coat of the varnish or a quick spray of clear lacquer.

We recommend a coating of Yacht Varnish in the autumn so the coat is at its thickest throughout the winter. Please ensure that the sculpture and the brush are both dry before painting on the varnish. If there is moisture on either you will end up with a white paste on the sculpture.

A top up spray of either WD40 or Clear Lacquer can then be applied as and when needed. Again please ensure the sculpture is dry before application. If the sculpture is near a pond, remove from the area before spraying.

What to do If you have left the sculpture in the garden with no maintenance and the sculpture has started to rust:

  • Bring the sculpture inside and allow it time to fully dry.

  • Take an old dry kitchen pad and gently rub off any odd bits of rust.

  • Then apply the yacht varnish as a base coat.

  • Once dry place back in the garden and regularly maintain.

It is recommended that all sculptures are fixed into the ground when outside, on grass the easiest fixing is to use a tent peg. If you wish to fix your sculpture to wood then a U-Nail or staple is suggested.